Lua and Instant Messaging

Matthew M. Burke

St. Mary's College of Maryland


A million open source projects can't be wrong....
  • libgaim
  • Net::AIM
  • msnlib.rb
  • jaimbot
  • elizabot
  • yada, yada, yada
  • Not to mention commerical projects like ActiveBuddy
There already exist a ginormous number of IM libraries. Why do we need another one? Because we want to access this functionality from Lua.

No, really. Why?

But, why do it at all? There are some reasons why IM is an attractive platform upon which to build an application.

Doing it in Lua

Coding as much of the software as possible in Lua has advantages over binding to a foreign library. Many (most?) of the existing projects are based in some part on libgaim; which is a mess.

Common Features

What's the base line for the major IM services?

What we are doing

Anything that motivates a student to reflect on her work is a good thing!