PalmOS and Lua

Matthew M. Burke, <>

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Why is this interesting?

Porting Lua is Nothing New

Lua has been ported to many different systems from various desktop OSes to embedded systems to PDAs to the TI89 calculator.

  1. The Palm platform offers some interesting challenges in porting.
  2. A handy platform for noodling.
  3. Lots of ideas for scriptable Palm apps
  4. I'm not clever enough to be a good Forth programmer

Lua and PDAs

In particular, Lua runs on many handhelds already:

PalmOS Porting Projects

Why another PalmOS project?

PalmOS throughout history.

The future of the PalmOS.

PalmOS becomes the Access Linux Platform (ALP).

Well, maybe.

Developing for PalmOS

The Port, Part I.

What's Working

The Port, Part II.

What's Not

The Port, Part III.

What comes next.